The new drivers training process

Want to drive for Presidential Bussing, but don’t have a CDL license? The goal is to get a Class B CDL license, which will allow you to drive school buses. At Presidential, we help new drivers pass their tests so they can join our team.

Get a learner’s permit


This part of the process is a written test on each category. The three categories you need to pass are General Knowledge, Passenger Endorsement (P), and School Bus Endorsement (S). The total number of questions is 90, with 50, 20, and 20 questions per respective category.

When taking the permit test, bring along:

  • 6 Points of ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Address
  • Medical Certification
  • Criminal Background Check
    (This can wait until later on in the process).

We have professionals who will walk you through the necessary training, and make sure you are prepared for your road test.

Free training


Cdl road test


You must wait at least 14 days from taking your permit test to take the road test.

When taking the road test, bring along:

  • Paper Permit
  • Regular Permit
  • Driver’s License
  • 6 Points of ID
  • A vehicle with the following:
    1. Current inspection sticker
    2. Valid registration
    3. Valid insurance card (unless you’re covered by PUC or federal DOT regulations).
    4. Legible GVWR placards affixed to the test vehicle(s)
    5. Empty of cargo of any kind

Getting your license (hard copy)


We can’t wait for you to join!